Going well

The Chantilly Lace roving is almost half done now, and it looks very pretty on the bobbin indeed. I am going for long-and-even (relative term)this time around. Still don’t know whether to ply two bobbins together or whether to chain ply it. Still don’t know what to knit it into.

The Merope second sock has its leg complete and the heel flap is progressing.

Overall, good progress – though sadly still no more work done on Sky and Water II. I might perhaps have made even more progress were it not for the fact that I appear to have been watching too much Masterchef of late. After cycling to the shops and back I got a little creative in the kitchen and decided to make a properly good fish crumble for lunch. It only took two hours :-} Yes – I made a white wine stock to poach the fish in. From scratch. And I cooked the crumble up separately, to ensure perfect crispness. I reduced the stock to make the cream sauce for the fish… I culled fresh chives and parsley from the garden, and I cooked up a medley  of fresh vegetables for an accompaniment, and some local new potatoes.

Was it worth it? I doubt it, although it was delicious. It was a nice reminder though, that I can actually cook a decent meal if I want to. Just possibly a tad OTT for a Monday lunch 🙂

I have been thinking about the yarn that I am spinning and, although pink was on the colours for Fire, this yarn speaks more to me of Air. It’s light and fresh and delicate – has a lot of white and grey in it. The pink is far too cool for Fire, it’s not a warm pink at all. So I am promoting this spin to the Air theme – which is, happily, current. It just feels more right to me this way around.