I think that I may have had an epiphany.

I was wandering about the house, wanting to get hold of my mitts and work on them, and somewhere at the back of my consciousness I was registering the pains in my joints.

You are there before me, aren’t you?


Lots of mitt knitting now – several light pairs to wear in the house and warm my joints and maybe, just maybe, it will help with my spinning issues.

There is just one thing. Red mohair mitts… indoors? I.don’

There is the leftover Rowan Cashsoft. The bamboo sock yarn from The Yarnyard would be good, too. My BFL handspun,  of course. And a variety of sock yarns are clamouring for attention too. (See my (incomplete) stash)

(Recommendations of good free, or very cheap, mitt patterns gratefully received)

What should I do? Pursue the red mohair project, much as I loathe mohair, because I have started (so I’ll finish) and am enjoying the colour (and it fits the PS3 Fire theme)? Or find something lighter and finer and easier to knit with – and rattle off a pair of mitts with which to test the proposition?

Frankly? A difficult call right now.

It is fairly moot. Today is not going to see much knitting done. We are up late, after a very late night with several bottles of wine and some company (SpinningGill and A) and the delights of VirtueMart. At least the shop got launched, even if there is not much stock there yet. There is much work to be done on that, and that is something else calling me today that will not in fact be done (shop page to be tarted, J’s and M’s skeins to upload etc.) No, today is Poetry Group day and I am going out to socialise. Eek! When I come home, I must pack crates of crafting materials in readiness for tomorrow’ night’s craft group. And clean house a bit and think about cake for Wednesday’s Spinning Group chez woolgathering. Oh, and I have to fit in a trip to the doctor this week too as my blood tests are overdue.

Who would have thought, when we ran away to this small island, how much busier life would be than ever before? It’s all go, you know.

I just want to knit mitts, with maybe some Mozart in the background, and a nice cup of green tea steaming at my side. it’s not a lot to ask of a Sunday afternoon, is it?

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