Madness, I tell ye, madness

I seem to be knitting mohair mitts.

I shall come to regret this – and sooner, I think, rather than later.

And it is a shame, because the stitch pattern will have no definition at all. But the colour, oh, the colour! They will be glorious, if only I can keep them going and not chuck them at the wall. I’ve cast on twice now. Let’s hope there is no third time. I hate knitting with mohair, I really do. It’s just the colour, really…

There will be other mitts. In more sensible yarns. There will probably be none in such a glorious shade, though.

No. Not now. Wait and see. I want enough knitted up for full effect. So, no. No photos yet.

(These 3.25mm needles feel huge after knitting socks on teensy needles.)