Do middle-aged men always revert to childhood?

Given a choice of absolutely anything he wanted to eat for his 50th birthday dinner, what did my man choose? “I fancy Italian,” he said. Fair enough, nothing wrong with that, it’s a fine cuisine. But… this on further interrogation appeared to come down to meaning “pizza” in fact. Well, it’s his birthday – I may be geared up to cook something wonderful in four courses, but if he wants pizza, he can have pizza. I enquired what kind of pizza

It turns out that what Mr L really wants is to recreate the Pizza Hut experience! He wants the salad bar and everything… the blue cheese dressing… probably even wants the Pepsi Cola as well, for all I know.

So, it’s a thin and crispy pizza base (and this was my excuse to finally buy a pizza stone) and a home-made stab at a Cheese Feast with Spicy Pork and Mushrooms. LOL. I’ll mince up some Sanday pork and season it and make wee meat balls (P.H. don’t appear to do those any more, do they?) and he shall have his heart’s desire.

I’ve drawn the line at the Ice Cream Factory – but have promised a Tiramisu Ice Cream gateau confection. The main problem with that at the moment is Tesco’s and Lidl’s failure to produce any boudoir biscuits yesterday. I’m shall have to knuckle down and make my own.

Should I get balloons? and wee crayons and place mats to scribble on?


  1. Margaret
    December 14, 2008

    Balloons? crayons? Wee placemats to scribble on? My man says ‘oh yes’ but then he’s still in his first childhood, never mind second!

    • December 15, 2008

      Hello, Margaret. Good to see you.

      I’ll go on a crayon search without delay!

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