What to do?

Well, I finished the mitts and now I have to sew in forty-two quadrillion ends. I made an abysmal job of the mitts. Truly awful. I plan never to knit fingers again, not even teensy ones. Especially not teensy ones, come to think on it. I need a distraction before I inadvertently pick up a sewing needle and start the nasty task of weaving in…

…but my square circulars are broken and I can’t knit on the second Earl Grey sock… I do have the “list of WIPS for completion

The choices:

  • Ingrid from The List
  • BSJ from The List
  • Rainbow Swallowtail from The List
  • Down Among The Dunes from The List
  • Cast on Mr L’s sweater
  • The second Water Sock
  • Still cogitating…

    I asked Mr L to buy me knitting needles for his sweater yesterday. He had a note: – 3mm and 4mm knitting needles – aluminium essential, length 40cm for preference but 35 cm will do.

    He came home with: 1 pair 35cm 4mm needles… plus one set of 4 * 40cm size 3mm DPNS!

    Well, I’ll cope – but I am surely amazed by the size of those DPNS. Monsters! It’s got me thinking along the lines of knitting him a Guernsey sweater some time soon – assuming I can find a pattern knit on 3mm needles rather than anything smaller. I’d love to knit a gansey or two. Quite sad to note this morning that Frangipani have raised the price of their cones to £18, though.


    O.K. A Plan. Today: Some Water Sock and some Ingrid. Tomorrow, complete the BSJ and then start the new sweater, alternating sweater and Ingrid through the week. When Ingrid is finished, switch to the Rainbow Swallowtail in sweater breaks. I am unconcerned about the “Dunes” and willing to let that lag. I prefer good light to knit it in anyway as I am “painting” with the colours as I go and it’s good to get a true picture of how the shades blend. I am happy to let it drag on over the holiday break (and beyond, in fact – there’s really no hurry.)

    Should be ready to make up a new hit list soon, but not until the sweater is finished, I think. That’s going to be priority 1. I can’t remember how many years it is since I last knit a sweater. I’m keen to see how quickly I can knock one off – especially since there is no TV to knit in front of these days.


    And, speaking of TV, Mr L’s greatest distress from yesterday was the enforced TV on the ferry coming home. “Not just TV,” he wailed “but commercial TV at that!” The poor man had to endure all sorts of carp for four hours – the worst injury being when the volume was turned up even higher – for The X-Factor.

    I confess: I giggled.

    Bad of me – it must have been awful.  It’s a bit of a waste of a life, isn’t it? He didn’t manage to make much progress on his book, that’s for sure.


    There is talk this morning of us both undertaking another degree. Heaven only knows where we think we would find the money! I wish education was still free at the point of delivery, as it should be. Free education for all who want it, that’s my dream.

    I fancy Philosophy this time around. I don’t know what his nibs wants to do.


    I’m making some progress on restructuring Woolgathering. I’m not going to rush at it – I have The List to think about, after all 😉

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