Mice and men, and all that

Plans are all awry! Spinning Cake was burned and dry, and my lovely white lace project is frogged for the third time.

Never mind. A small spinning group today sat by my new fire and was toasty warm. F learned how to do a provisional cast on and I managed to get my wheel out and ply not just one, but two whole skeins!

The gingerbread will be fine with custard, and I now have an alternative project on my needles. It’s blue, not white – the white I am keeping for the day when some other, cleverer, soul has sorted out the glitches in the Frozen Leaves pattern. When that time comes, I shall begin my white lace again. For now, my nerves will be more readily soothed by Jessie Lambdin’s Shawl – more of which another time.