Evenstar 1:3

I was true to my word and set about re-knitting my Evenstar yesterday. The replacement needles, which Alison kindly sent me, made the job a whole lot easier.

As soon as I sat down to cast on, I realised that I had been entirely incorrect when I assured F on Wednesday that she should take my 3.25mm DPNs and hang on to them as I would not be needing them. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

So. There was I, poised to cast on à la Thom Christoph’s circular cast on yet again – with five shiny nickel DPNs to hand. I deployed a cushion on the desk in front of me. I also deployed all the advice that I had read in the Evenstar KAL group on Ravelry and… it went exactly right the first time! There was no blood on the canvas at all.

I think that the cushion was key. Also key was the fact that I took on board the advice to knit the first couple of rows as icord, using just the one needle that I cast on to – this made such a huge difference to the knittability of the first rows that I actually did my first increase on the one needle too. I then knit the eighteen stitches off onto three needles, with six stitches each. I went up to 4 needles on the next increase. It all went like a dream.

Until I discovered that I had 14 stitches too many.


No idea how or why. Just an inattentive brain.

So, we set off again. And again, using all my experieince and all the received advice – it went just perfectly again. Only this time I counted every row 🙂

On reflection, I now believe that the slipperiness of the nickel needles is mitigated by their shorter length. I find them easier to handle than the longer bamboo DPNs and should remember this the next time that I need to cast on a circular beginning. (I probably won’t!)

While I was at the re-knitting, I took advantage and made a few changes to the way that I made some of the stitches and overall I am now the proud owner of a far finer piece of knitting than attempt number 1 was ever going to be. It was worth the extra effort.

  1. I minimised the increase YO  holes in the stocking stitch centre by knitting through the back of the stitch in the following row. Simply a matter of  taste
  2. I changed the way that I worked the Kfb7-K3tog stitch, to try and elimininate the stringy effect that I had been getting in the right side petal. Instead of K,P,K,P,K,P,K into the K3tog, I did K,YO,K, YO,K,YO,K
  3. I made an SSSSK on the left hand side of the motifs, to mirror the K4tog on the right hand side
  4. I also took the opportunity to make centred decreases instead of Slip1 K2tog PSSO

All in all, a much more pleasing look to it.

Clue two is to be released earlier this week, so that we European knitters can make a start today rather than having to wait until Saturday.

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