Mama’s got new socks

Oh, the sheer excitement of it. I completed a pair of socks that have been on the needles since Dec 2007! I had half a sock at the beginning of the week and now I have a whole pair, all ready to wear. I’m doing the Happy Dance (new sock variation.)

They do not match, of course. A slight lapse in attention when I was setting up the foot means that my 4+1 rib is centred on the left foot, but not on the right one. Who cares? That part will be inside my shoe.

Strike one from the UFO-bashing list.

According to the list, the next item for bashing is the Colours Squared Shawl. So now my sock is grafted, I’m away to find out where I hid my UFO.

I did walk to spinning this morning. It wasn’t very nice but wasn’t too bad either. By the time that we finished spinning the day was really rather gorgeous, but I took a lift home.

Spotted my first daffs, all ready to burst forth – these are at How farm.

Almost there

As I walked up the drive on the way home I was jacket-less. That’s how nice it was.

Very pleased when I arrived home to find my food parcel had been delivered. It had lots of liquorice in it. Snacks for me. Yum.

Right, where is that shawl? Better knit on it while  I have some free time – I am told that we are taking floor boards up soon.

Oh, the UPS blew up while I was gone. Whatever are the cats going to do without it? Right now, Teddy is on the printer and Treacle is in a filing basket. They both seem put out about the lack of heat.