We may be on a roll…

Interesting times. Flushed by my success in UFO-bashing the Thorfinn socks, I picked up the next project for the lists. The Colors Squared Shawl turned out to be further on than I thought it was. I had all the main pieces finished. All that remained to do was to sew them into place, knit the fill-in triangles (4) and the border.

I lay the squares out on the bed to arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  In order to this, I removed my glasses and lay them down carefully on the bed. Not carefully enough, as I must have clambered all over them. They were extremely bent and, being varifocals, it made stitching squares together rather something of a challenge. Decision made then, I had to go to town today if only to get my glasses straightened…

Which knitting to take with me? The Colors Squared isn’t a good candidate for ferry knitting, so I checked out the next item on the list – the WARNING! socks. I cast on the second sock on the way to Kirkwall. Progress was slow – bent glasses and all that… I managed to get the cuff pattern set before being completely surprised by our early arrival into harbour.

Luckily the opticians were able to fix my specs straightaway.

It was very pleasant in Kirkwall today, quite Spring-like. There was pussy willow in evidence, and the Rosa rugosa outside the library was beginning to unfurl its new leaves. The sun shone all day.

I surprised myself by deciding to kill time in the hairdressing salon and got myself a cut and blow dry for the first time in seven years. Then I went to The Reel for my lunch, and knitted on the sock until half the cuff was completed. That took approximately three cups of Earl Grey.

After the supermarket I went to the ferry waiting room and knitted some more sock cuff. On the boat home the cuff was completed and I managed one repeat of the leg pattern before we docked back at Loth.

So that’s one pair of socks fully bashed, one shawl slightly bruised, and a second pair of socks entering the fray in a robust manner. It definitely feels as though we are on a roll.

Let’s not talk about the Evenstar, though. Not just yet.

I’ll not be bashing anything very much this evening, feeling somewhat battered myself. A hot bath, stiff drink, and an early night are indicated. There’s just time to fondle the package of socks scraps that I found on my desk when I got home. The parcel clearly came from a Yarn Yard fan – I recognised Natalie’s green bag in its reused form, and also the Bonny inside. Also inside was some lovely Jitterbug – fantastic colours in it. This parcel came from Ravelry user wrenmontgomery – thank you, Wren.