Loose ends

Probably speaking too soon but it looks as though “loose end” time is approaching. I did what I believe were the final edits on the book today and it should be going to the printers this week. To tell the truth, I am already feeling slightly befuddled by time available for filling. It’s just an illusion, though – I know I have many mail messages awaiting my attention, and quite a few hold details of things that I need to be doing. I should make a list.

Once I have a list, to focus my attention on, I can pick tasks off one by one and assess where I can fit some knitting time in to my schedule.

There are many loose ends, to be honest. The woolly loose ends include the man sweater (about to embark on the second arm decreases, so the end is now in sight), a Laeticia sock, a pair of Echoes of Eden fingerless gloves, and a Laminaria shawl. That is without mentioning the already pending items – such as the Pink Swallowtail and the Cascading Leaves shawl… and a few pairs of socks that I cast guilty glances at from time to time. In short, there has been little completion around these parts in the last few weeks. March shows an almost complete dearth of cast-off projects – unless you count The Book 🙂

I am tired today, and feeling very much under par. I have requested that we do not go to Kirkwall this week. We shall go next week instead, when Mr L is on his holidays. Next week is Melbourne Puzzle Hunt week, and that will leave little enough time for knitting etc. even without going boating for a day. Shall I take the Laeticia with me? or maybe something in stocking stitch would make more sense. We shall certainly be taking puzzle sheets with us, so I may have little attention to give to knitting charts.

Yesterday, Fluzz from Ravelry came to visit. She came with her partner and, while he had an interview, we knitted, lunched, ate cake, and visited Orkney Angora. I was just chauffeuring. I didn’t intend to purchase, but I did buy these two little skeins of a lightweight sock yarn (pure wool) which I think William did a particularly fine dye job on.

The first runs the full gamut of a fine Orcadian sunset, I reckon


but it was the second that stole my heart. Will this do for today’s Green of the Day?


It has lots of green in it… (and I don’t have much heart to go on a photo safari in search of green images today). It also has browns and russets and violets and blues. Gorgeous!

But what to do with them? They weigh 54g and 58g so are a bit short for socks (I have size 7 feet). I need to niddy-noddy them to get the yardage, I think. Please, offer up your pattern suggestions…

Spinning day tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll get to go as I have all the signs of an incipient cold virus coming to call: headache, shivers, sneezes, dizziness, aches and pains, and the sniffles have just joined in.