UK Ravelry day & Knit Camp 2010

Whoooooooo! Will ya’ look at that – it’s in Scotland!!

OK. It’s a long way Sooth. But then, most places are Sooth from here.

Stirling Uni… I’ve had some very good times at Stirling Uni. Ah, the memories… 🙂

Do you think if I started saving up now, I might be able to go?

Good breakfast at Stirling. Nice haggis at lunchtime too… Excellent fish and chips at the Bridge of Allan café, not to mention their home-made ice cream and amarello cherry sundaes…

Race you up ‘the Wallace’!


  1. March 24, 2009

    Ooooh, how do we book? I wanna go (being as I am missing practically everything else this year)!

    • March 25, 2009

      @Kari, it is early days yet. They seem to be planning on doing their planning at Coventry this year. I couldn’t find a mailing list to subscribe to for updates.

      I spent much of last night imagining wandering down to the lochside with a spinning wheel and spinning at sunset with a bunch of other woolly-minded peeps. Thence to the union for a pint!

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