Limbering up

Today I have mainly been doing Maths Puzzles as a warm-up exercise. It is supposed to get me into the swing for both online learning and the forthcoming Puzzle Week. Unhappily I have been much hampered by our very flaky Internet connection.

Said connection has been driving Mr L nutty all day as he has been attempting to arrange a draw-down of some of his pension funds in order to pay for Hank. Not a simple matter, apparently and will take up to six weeks plus a trip to town in order to get a Bank Statement authenticated at a branch office. This because we have a paperless account and have online statements. We must print one off and take it to the branch for signing as authentic. So, a ferry booking is now required. It would be good to combine it with Nell’s passport trip to the vet but we don’t really wish to introduce any further lag.

It has been extremely cold today, in my opinion. I have had to resort to cardi-wearing and we had big bowls of Leek and Potato Soup for lunch. I’m still chilled, so we shall have a hot bath before retiring to bed for our third crack at the weekend’s Prize Crossword (it’s a bit of a stinker.)

I have another new blog. Yes, really. I doubt that I shall use it much but I find that my OU account now furnishes me with a personal blog.  Feelers have been extended. There are students and staff out there that I should enjoy being reunited with.

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