Snail’s pace

It feels very weird not to have my Internet Browser open all day. I feel cut off from the world. It will take some getting used to, just checking mail etc. once or twice a day. Blog posting has to change too. Maybe less frequent posting, certainly lower resolution images and fewer of those. I am writing today’s post off-line, using Word. That seems to be one way forward. Then I simply need to copy, paste and press Post when I go online.

For some weeks now I have been working at unsubscribing from mailing lists, in order to receive less email. I am sure that there are many ways in which I can reduce my bandwidth. Kicking Facebook into touch would be a good one but even I have to admit that it has become a good way to keep in touch with everybody in a single place.

Whatever else happens, I must nurture bandwidth for my OU studies and for Mr L’s user support role on Cumulus.

Currently the Mi-fi is not working very well for us, though it has done so in the past when we have been out and about. Mr L is doing some very geeky things in the background to do with IP packets though no great difference has been made yet. Of course if our connection remains as poor as it is, it will be frustrating to the level that we voluntarily walk away from our machines and therefore save all of our bandwidth allowance.

The appointment letter from Aberdeen finally arrived this morning and brings with it no further complications. We can now go ahead and make plans and bookings as far as our connection will permit.

The Cellar in Anstruther was fully booked for our intended Friday night meal but we have been able to make a booking for the Sunday night. This pushes our arrival in Kippford back by a day but that’s no great problem. The Enchanted Forest also has to be moved by a day in our itinerary but the good news is that we not only get a day at Balmoral and fit in the walk around the Royal Cairns but also a night at Glenshee with perhaps  a walk to our first three Munros (if Balmoral hasn’t completely worn me out). The late arrival at our ultimate destination is simply to allow us to make our final call at New Lanark – just because we want to.

(later, much later)

The first of my set books arrived this morning, a volume of short stories:  A World of Difference. The stories are drawn from five continents, hence the title. I recognise some of the writers – Nadine Gordimer (from a previous course of study on Creative Writing), Amy Tan, Alan Sillitoe and VS Naipaul but I believe the remainder are new-to-me authors. I’ll keep it by my bed and try to have a first read through before my course begins.

Here it is, tea-time and we have only just now managed to get all of our bookings made. Some planning of routes and activities remains to be done and then the identification of shopping stops to ensure that we have food on board. I confess to being giddy with excitement about going to Elgin and shopping at the M&S Simply Food store there. We will probably also call in at Gordon & Macphail. Honestly, I am bouncing with barely repressed delight.

I have proposed that we go to Scotland’s Secret Bunker if it remains open for the end of September and would also like to visit the Fisheries Museum whilst we are in Anstruther. Hopefully we will find somewhere to buy some Pittenweem Prawns to indulge in one evening down the road.

It is beginning to sound like a wonderful trip –  with plenty of good eating, some strenuous walks and a few interesting activities. I think there will be plenty of camera action too.

Not long to go now.


  1. spinninggill
    September 2, 2016

    We’re hoping to go to the Wool Clip (and the cafe upstairs) on Tuesday. 🙂

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