Let’s just WIP past that one

The WIP situation is little changed this week. One Icing has replaced the completed one, the HAP shawl edging has made little progress and the socks have made none. My excuse is that not only have I been busy but I have also been resting a sore arm. At least the Hap has turned the second corner and is therefore over the hump. I shall need to find a couple of good films to watch and work hard at it. It is high time that I was done with it.

There has been some mystery knitting again in the last week, but I cannot show you that. I’d dearly love to show you the finished plying that began at Spinning last week, but that is not done either.

Speaking of Spinning, I am free to go this week. Mr L has booked the car in for its MOT on Monday and I shall go into town with him then. Going today as well seems a little like overkill, especially in light of all the local beef that went in the freezer on Sunday afternoon. I think we shall not starve if I choose to spin instead of shop today. Only… I don’t want to go. I feel very resistant. It is raining and I want to stay home and snug. I have excuses – that workroom is still very much in need of a good sort out, all the more so since Dominique sent us home yesterday to unearth paints, paper and brushes. I have them (mostly pristine) but they have not been used since we moved here five years ago. That means that I need to do some delving… and I also need to prepare for Friday – lens cleaning, battering charging, instruction book reading, card and memory stick finding… boot-waxing, Goretex jacket-finding… Intrepid folks, photographers.

I shall go though – spinning is at Ayre’s Rock today and I am awful fond of Julie and Paul and any excuse to go visit is a good one. So, I had best stop waffling and go start finding wheels and bobbins and fleece.

I may even take paper and pencil. My hope is that I shall make space in every day to draw something. No matter how small, no matter how ill-represented. Practice makes perfect (hah!) and improvement will not happen on its own. There should be plenty to draw at Spinning group but… I’m not really ready to do it in public yet. Much depends on whether I find my pencils before 11am!

There will be more than one trip to town. The car will fail its test on Monday and we shall need to book it back in for some work and a re-test – but I shall not be going with it if that turns out to be a Tuesday  or a Friday. I have things to learn.

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