Let me sleep, please

Maybe it’s a good thing that we didn’t go to Kirkwall yesterday. I found myself completely exhausted yesterday. All I did was sit in front of my computer and knit mindlessly – having put the Water Sock project together for doing on the boat I just picked it up and knit on that. I got as far as picking the gusset up last night – despite having found myself falling asleep sitting up at the PC, with knitting in my hands, during the afternoon. Nothing got done around the house – I just vegged out. I did watch some TV on the iPlayer – three Horizon programmes, back to back. One of them was a Brian Cox feature. (Oooh, I would, wouldn’t you?) He’s great – I’ve never seen a physicist so happy and enthused about their subject as he appears to be. I think it’s great that he’s made Physics sexy. Might get a few more girls into Science, you never know.

We were looking at the wiring diagram for the car earlier and were scratching our heads. The audio and the wipers appeared to be on separate relays. But we thought about how the car behaves and realised that on our car at least, they are on the same relay – because the car and the wipers both operate on the accessory  setting. Mr L went out and wiggled the ignition switch – problem solved. Well, temporarily I suppose. We’ll need to get under the bonnet and investigate for loose wires but at least the source of the problem is identified. Part of the problem may have been having had the bonnet open in the damp and the wind to boost the battery on Wednesday night. Today is dry.

Hmmm – thinking about it – we may have a situation here where the wipers work in the dry but not in the wet. That’s not quite a perfect situation, is it?

Still very tired. Getting very little sleep. So tired I can’t cough any more, even though I need to. That means that my chest is getting ever tighter and I foresee a trip to the GP next week. No, really – I don’t seem to have the muscle power to cough properly any longer. AND my brain hurts when I try, I think I’ve bruised it 🙂

I need to figure out some lunch. What can I scrape up today, I wonder.

More sock later, I think. Anything else would be too trying. The socks, by the way, are going to be very pretty. I can’t be bothered to get the camera out today though.

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  1. December 5, 2008

    Oh, you poor thing, you don’t sound very well at all. I hope you get to see the doctor quickly, sounds very nasty indeed (believe me, I get bad chests a LOT).
    Meanwhile, bed – NOW!
    Kari x

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