My new square knitting needles arrived this morning and I was thrilled when I saw them. The cable is so soft and pliable, it’s wonderful. The points are light and comfortable.

I cast on[1].

Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

I came down to earth with a bump.

I need to give these a fair go before reviewing them properly, maybe I just require to develop a knack with them, but I think they will be in the bin before the end of the day 🙁

What’s the problem? It’s the join between the cable and the point. It’s taking me hours to move stitches onto the needle and my yarn is suffering because of it.

I’m going to persevere for a few more rows. It will either improve or I will be screaming with frustration. Time will tell.

[1] The Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey Socks, with the Yarn Yard October Solids Club yarn, for Mr L. ETA Dec 17th