Le weekend

This weekend is proving to be as unproductive as last weekend.  I am entirely am clear as to what happened to yesterday, the day just seemed to disappear in a haze of nothingness.  It is really odd but I certainly do not remember much about my day.  I know that we went shopping and that we went to the breast Cancer coffee afternoon and we cooked Pork Satay and ate it and that we sat and knitted in the sitting room and tried to poison ourselves.

Oh, does that need some explanation?  Well, after dinner we lit the sitting room fire and I searched out some needles and some yarn and set Mister L to work – I demonstrated garter stitch on my slipper and he followed suit on the big needles.  I have to say that he is no novice and has been keeping his knitting light under a bushel.  Okay, he is certainly not an expert – but you should have seen the way he rattled up those stitches, exhibiting considerable dexterity as he went.  We shall advance to purl stitches shortly.

I managed eight of the 10 rounds of the welt on my slipper before we decided to return to the office because the fire was smoking a bit and we were feeling uncomfortable.  We blamed it on the paper logs that we have been making.  Not long after we settled down at the computers, we heard a noise.  A most unpleasant noise.  A rather alarming noise.  In fact, it was the carbon monoxide monitor that I had with forethought asked Mister L to put in the sitting room.  We opened a few windows and then investigated, finding that the pot that runs from the stove to the chimney is in fact, rotten and needs replacing.  Finances being what they are, we now face a winter without the benefit of the stove.

Mister L says that it is a good job that I am going to get the job that I am currently applying for.  Ho Ho Ho!  Very droll.

Today was a very late start – our usual alarm clock, Nell, actually did not go off until nine forty-five.  By the time various animals had been fed, let out, and generally modified and tea and coffee had been made and returned to bed, then ablutions made and clothing donned… then, well… it was late.  Brunch being in order, I made a big cooked breakfast and we shall make that our single meal for today.  So here we are well after midday and not a thing done.  I do not expect the day to improve.

At the very least I do need to go and clean cat trays out and get the rubbish bagged up ready for morning.  I lead such an exciting life.