Almost there

Conker Feet are almost done. I finished the second slipper in bed last night. But I am not yet properly done – for when I say “finished” I have indeed done all the knitting and cast off, but have yet to apply the “finishing treatment”. I have the choice of crocheting an edge – and I don’t crochet – or, wait for this… picking up all the stitches that I just cast off and then casting them off again, but purlwise.

Now, that’s a difficult choice. I could crochet and make a mess or I can pick up and make a mess – because picking up it’s not my best skill. Let’s face it, if I plan to pick up all the stitches again, those slippers are going to languish at the bottom of my workbasket for many moons to come.

Now, where did I put those crochet hooks?



  1. October 6, 2008

    I prefer the crochet treatment, it’s not as fussy and prevents the stockinette curl better than my pick up bind off bind off. And that’s coming from someone who crochets only in dire emergencies 🙂

  2. October 7, 2008

    Thanks, Michelle. I think I am leaning that way myself but I do regard a crochet hook as woman’s worst enemy…

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