Laminaria Decision Point #2

Today would have been Laminaria Decision Point #2 – whether or not to lay the work aside at the end of the star section, until such time as the new needles arrived.

With consummate timing, the Addi Lace needles that I ordered from Pavi Yarns on Monday, arrived in this morning’s post. I shall use the final purl row to knit my stitches over on to the circs, and that will make the addition of a new life line so much easier.

I have mixed feelings about moving needles. I like to use straight ones and am far less comfortable with circulars. I like to tuck.

According to my geeky spreadsheet, I am 10% done. That worries me, because I have very little shawl on my needles. It’s looking like the smaller needles are going to have a larger effect thanI thought. I am almost tempted to string the work off and block it, to see.

But I do want to get into the next chart without delay…

As this shawl is likely to do no more than decorate the sitting room wall when it is done, I believe I shall forge on regardless.

Also in the mail today – a parcel of “bargain” yarn that I bought on eBay on 8th February.  I got a kilo of wool Aran for £7.50. Not bad. Until you add on the £10.99 p&p. Which stings, when the parcel turns up over a month later, dispatched on the 11th March, and with a postage marked of just £4.30. Negative feedback for seller pureirishwool2008 I think. The yarn is no great shakes either – OK for £7.50 but stretching it a bit at the total price, it’s fairly rough stuff by the looks of it. Good colour, though.

And now, I am off to the kitchen to cook haddock. Which is why I  haven’t washed my knitting for blocking – despite the fact that it is such a good day for it. Can’t dry my woollies with a pervading aroma of fish, can I?