Lace for wits

I have been going demented this afternoon trying to find a web page that I only vaguely recall from some time ago. It was an article about (possibly an actual tutorial) on freeform lace knitting. That’s freeform lace as in “just knit a few yarnovers and decreases as the fancy takes you and see what happens” rather than just sequencing more formal lace blocks without aid of a pattern.

I had a vague notion that the  article was related to Eunny Jang’s excellent lace tutorial pages – and my Googling kept throwing Eunny up, but to no avail. It’s not there, nor does she link to it.

I am wanting to do some freeform lace very soon – just a couple of tiny projects – and I would like to refer to the article first. I have a deadline for this.

If anybody has the teeniest clue about what I am wittering… please can you give me some ideas on where to look? I’ve googled on “free form lace” “Freeform lace” “Abstract lace” and “lace doodles” but none have provided the pages that I am sure that I remember.

It’s funny, I am sure that I blogged it at the time but searching my own blog doesn’t find it either!