Hot to Trot

HTTthb After casting on yet again, I think that I have finally found a combination that pleases me. This project is currently named Hot to Trot: I am  using the Violet Green Stroud SuperSock in Red Hot Sox that I bought for PS3 “Fire” (and didn’t use because the planned Firestarters never took off) – and I am attempting a pair of Smoking Hot Socks (Ravelry Page). So far I am very pleased with the way that the yarn is knitting up into this pattern. Though I have to confess to not liking the yarn very much at all, I do love the colours. I am pleased that I haven’t stashed too much of this yarn (I have just one other skein) and don’t think I shall buy more of it – I’ll stick to VG’s Socrates Merino, which I do love.

I cannot wait to get to the leg on these socks, I am dying to see how the yarn knits up in the domino squares.

It is slow progress, though – this is a fine sock yarn and I am using the recommended 2.25mm needles and still do not have a short set. As it is only a 60 stitch sock I am doubtful that they will fit, but I live in hope – at least Mr plumbum will not be stealing this pair off me! I’ve got 60 stitch socks on my feet, but they were done on 2.5mm needles…

So, we have this pair on the go, plus a pair of Pomatomus, plus Mr plumbum’s #1 Husband socks to complete – and the cashmere mitts need finishing too. I had better get a move on.

In the post today – my Trekking Hand Art. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous! Mr plumbum has already staked a claim on the Jamaika colourway and says he would like gloves, please. HUMPH!

HandArtJamaikathb HandArtTundrathb

Anyway, I got to thinking about my pattern:yarn matching problem and have slowly reached the realisation that I do not knit socks, but that I collect yarn. Socks are merely the showcase for the yarn collection. I am making art, in my small way – painting with yarn – and not just knitting something to keep my feet warm. I realise that I will almost never knit the same pattern twice and will always be seeking that right combination of pattern with yarn – almost always looking for a pattern to set the yarn off and not vice versa. I don’t care if they don’t fit and it doesn’t bother me if  never get to wear them. I just want to make them.

It’s all about the colour.

Mr plumbum understood what I meant when I told him all this at breakfast today – but I don’t think I fully understand it myself. I think I am cracking up. I mean… a yarn collector? Such nonsense! But it does explain why I keep buying yarn instead of spinning it. I am just seduced by the colour and the texture and simply want to own the stuff. It may be an addiction. The awful truth is that it extends to the rovings as well. I don’t actually care if I never get time to spin them because I am so busy knitting little works of art socks – I just want to drink the colours in with my eyes and imagine what could be done with it…

I am. I’m cracking up. Obviously.


Today I have been in the garden for most of the morning. I let the bread machine make the bread today. I have soup ready made for lunch and only need to reheat it. So I decreed a day of idleness. Nell and I went out to play and sit in the sun. I hung my washing out (it now needs re-washing due to those damn starlings) and sat out with my sock.

SpinningGill called in, bringing my mail with her. She also had with her a bunch of nostepinnes that she had commissioned locally. They are beautiful. We will use them for our Sanday Spinners spinning courses – of which we are delivering one this week. I should have taken a photos of the nostepinnes while she was here. SG took some dog food away to try on her new dog, who is not eating very well, then left to castrate her ram labs. It’s an elegant life in the country 🙂

Spinning Day tomorrow, at R’s. It’s far too close to the Windswept Acre to permit gratuitous use of the car, so I’ll take some knitting and my drop spindle and pop over on my bike. Which socks shall I take?

SOUP EDIT: I had soaked Toor Dal (Yellow Split Peas) for a Dhansak at the weekend, before Mr p decided that his tum wasn’t up to curry. So I turned the peas into a soup on Monday. I sauteed chopped onions and potatoes in oil, adding diced carrots and parsnip after a while, together with a tsp of cumin and the juice of half a lemon. Chicken stock to cover, simmer until cooked – I added a fistful of barley after a few minutes, when it suddenly entered my head as a good idea, so the whole lot had to wait for the barley to cook. Lots of black pepper, a little salt to taste, and masses of fresh chopped parsley before serving. We had it today with chunks of fresh granary bread and it was very good indeed. Will make again. (And there’s some left for post-spinning lunch tomorrow, too.)