Knitting Charts – Knitting Yarn Store UK

A small change in my search terms and a comparison chart was swiftly found – at Angel Yarns, of course!

Knitting Charts – Knitting Yarn Store UK

4ply it is, then.

I’m going for these Dragon Scale mitts
. I’ll maybe use my green bamboo mix yarn for them, or perhaps the grey BFL commercial spun yarn from my stash, or maybe even some of my handpsun BFL as I have way too much for the cascading leaves shawl. It is a bit on the fine side for 4ply but not so much that I couldn’t compensate.

I wish I had a yarn suitable for the Fire theme. Dragon scale mitts in a fiery colour would be pretty wonderful. But I don’t have anything suitable at present and I can’t buy anything for ages.


Merino and Mohair

I spin this? It would make gorgeous mitts but I don’t think I am clever enough yet to spin a yarn just the weight I need for a given project.

Startitis. I know. *sigh* But I am “off” my socks and big knitting hurts just now, so I want something new and interesting that I can knit in my lap and christen some of my new DPNs. You know – something small and contained that will simply fly off the needles in a couple of sessions.

So, is it a Gretel or is it the mitts?

I’ll let you know.