Kick Me

Ever had a “kick me” moment? I just had one…

I was photographing the finished sample sock (first of the pair) when I noticed some dust on my lens. I blew it off… and managed to spit all over the lens. When I went to wipe it clean, I realised that I have not yet fitted a neutral filter to my new camera. This is my brand new NAKED lens that we are speaking of.


That being the case, I can not bring you photographs of the parcel that I just unwrapped. You will have to wait until I can find my lens cleaning kit.

The parcel comes from Natalie. It contains Machair 400 (oh, gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!), Moondance, and some BFL roving – all dyed to the same recipe and all looking very different and distinctive. That’s what fascinates me about the art of dyeing, the way that different fibres respond to the same dye. I really must start playing soon.

The photos of the sample sock, you will have to wait for… ages yet.

I plan to complete the pair before the weekend but I am taking a break to give my hands a rest before starting the second one. For the remainder of today I shall be…

  • winding: yarn
  • spinning: roving
  • cooking: lamb cutlets/beetroots/new potatoes/onion sauce
  • tidying: the workroom -  which is still suffering from post Open Studio mayhem
  • searching: (no doubt, fruitlessly) for my lens cleaning kit

If that last item is successful, I shall have things to Show and Tell tomorrow.

See ya’

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  1. June 20, 2011

    Ages and ages and ages…and I know allllllll about that wait. It will go faster than you’d think!

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