Super-secret, super socks

The Nain socks are completed!

I failed to complete them to plan on Thursday, so I took them to town on Friday… and then failed to complete them on the boat. They finally got finished on Saturday.

It’s a rubbish photo – they were still wet when I took it. I’ll do a better shot before writing them up as an FO post.

As soon as Nain were off the needle, I swatched for the sample knitting that I am doing for Hunter Hammerson’s new book. I cast on late last night and have been working on the secret socks today. They are super-fast — I am already decreasing the gusset. The yarn is beautiful and the socks are so delicious that I want too eat them.

So sorry that you cannot see them… for some time to come.

I shall be starting my June socks soon (Nain were actually May socks) – at least I shall be able to show those off in the meantime. I think the June socks will probably be ORANGE!

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