There I was, just sitting here, Laeticia sock in hands, thinking that I might have bitten off a teensy bit more than I can chew in offering to complete the sock by tomorrow. With a positive turn of mind, I had just decided that it was doable. Then my mind got to wandering, and thinking that it was time to do the review of the Kollage Square Needles. Having got this far (halfway through the instep chart) without calamity, we could safely assume that the first pair were just a rogue. It was at this point exactly that I heard a faint “ting”…

as one end fell off and struck my footrest between my feet.

That review? It’s not going to be a good one, is it?

So, um, yes… we have a slight delay in Laeticia manufacture, while we wait for the superglue to set. I shall make the most of it and drink coffee.

And I think we’ll say “Wednesday” for the sock FO post, don’t you?


    • April 9, 2009

      @Heather Cawte, Yup. I think we have to assume “design flaw” at this stage. That’s 2 pairs/3 ends over the progress of just under 2 pairs of socks. It’s not me – I’m not rough with them. I’ve been very extra specially careful since the first point dropped off.

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