JoJo heel once more

Well, I shall need to be convinced of some pretty clear and and obvious benefits before I get within a mile of this heel again!

To be fair, I think it would have gone better had I some 5″ needles to hand – this was certainly one way of making a mere five needles seem like fifteen.

The pattern instructions that I have are supposed to be an improvement on the ones at the Lana Grossa site. I checked them out and they were little help. I Googled and found this discussion – also not much help, nor was this site, in Finnish

This, however, was the bees knees – really clear instructions and good photographs – she got me through it and I now have a heel (and terminal exhaustion). It has taken the entire afternoon to frog and re-knit this damn heel.

It had better be worth it.

Right. Gin!