It’s soft, it’s white, it’s fluffy – and only slightly flaky

White Lace

Inspired by our recent snowfalls, there is a new project on the needles. It’s not going perfectly just yet, so I’ll not disclose too much in case it goes off to the frog pond never to return.

The good news is that it is simple (ish), perfectly beautiful (if I execute it correctly) and it comes from stash.

The other good news is that it made me reach for my camera… and the softbox! I wish I could afford some proper lighting, but the rig I have at present does at least improve matters.

The yarn may be insufficient. Probably. Who can tell? Anyway, I have two backup plans to decide between: white-to-cream-to-apricot

The warmer side of white

or white-to-greys

Towards the dark side

These are all the same Colormart yarn base.

On the subject of cameras – I’m taking advantage of the good light when we have it and doing FO photos of recent projects. That means that there will be a veritable flood of FO posts appearing around here in the coming days (possibly weeks – energy may flag). Of course, the arrival of the next Evenstar clue may absorb all of my available enthusiasm… and I really must re-knit clue 1 before the arrival of clue 2. Not today – I have spinners to prepare for. Cleaning must be done and cake may be baked.

See you on the other side.