Halfway already?

I notified the fifth of my Ten Shawls in 2010 yesterday. Such progress! You might think that I am overdoing it, I’m rushing – but there is method in my madness, I think. I want to be free of the one sock skein triangles and leave plenty of time for meeting some challenges this year. Evenstar is one of my larger shawls accounted for. That leaves four more projects that will ideally be larger than average – I have some 1200 metre yarns that need using from stash. One project will hopefully be larger than that – say exceeding 2,000 yards – as I would like to see if I can do that, and would like to use some Colourmart cones up. I’d like to incorporate into these challenges some new construction methods – so, at least one square shawl.

So, not so mad after all, unless you think that the remaining five shawls are an awful amount of work for just ten months remaining. Which I do. I shall give it my best shot however.

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Shawls cast on and completed since Jan 1st:

  • Bitterroot
  • Haruni
  • Gail
  • Brandywine
  • Citron