It’s a wind up

It has been a long evening but I do now have three of the part cones of cashmere wound into balls. Rather more breaks than I would have wished for occurred but rather surprisingly there were no major tangles or wastage.

The rest can wait until tomorrow. Though I shall have to bake, as I said I would host spinning again this week. At least I have a few eggs on hand this time.

The Alhambra scarf has reached the 20% stage.

I still love it. It really is beautiful.

It might progress faster if I wound the cone off, but I am reluctant to break my thread – in both senses.

The scarf seems to be igniting more challenging lace ambition in me. I am actually considering a wedding ring shawl. Madness! That’s like going straight from Kindergarten to your Doctorate. I am enjoying this project though, much more so than the Shetland lace patterns – they do tend to the boring after a few pattern repeats.

What I really would like to do is a Pi shawl of my own devising. There are two things holding me back – one is my natural antipathy towards circular needles and the other is my lack of a stitch dictionary. Both would seem to be “stoppers.”

How about this one, though? Pretty, yes? Or this? Yes, I think that’s the one.

I am definitely leaning towards a shawl with multiple stitch pattern rather than an all-over design. Low boredom threshold 🙂

My foot is throbbing just a little.