I am loving the Alhambra scarf. It’s painfully slow progress, and I really must get some better needles soon, but  is enjoyable – and at the pattern requirements, is now over 10% complete (2 of 19 pattern repeats done.) The colour is wonderful and the fabric is as light as a whisper.

I have been up to SpinningGill’s house this morning. I took my Brain and my Spin Off magazine and returned with an outline plan for the activity session we are doing, plus a borrowed ball winder (for my cashmere) and a borrowed Port-a-loom (sp?) Since then I have been mainly engaged in providing lunch for the worker, playing ball with (and getting bitten by) Nell, and visiting the British Wool Marketing Board web site and printing off reams of educational material.

I’ve sluiced my wound with plenty of cold water and now I intend to put my foot up to try and minimise bruising, and knit some more Alhambra while I am immobilised.

Oh – I should probably say that Nell did not mean to bite me. She just went to grab her ball as my foot went to kick it and she sank her fangs into my instep instead of into her football. It was just an error of timing – but one that hurts a bit. Bony bits always do – I don’t have many of them, but the animals always seem to select the less cushioned parts to gnaw on 🙂