It’s a blank

You see that space up there? That space where the featured image is supposed to go? That space should have been filled with bread. I had intended an image of a table full of baked goods: Baguettes, soft rolls, crusty cobs, seeded buns, milk roll, muffins…

That’s what yesterday was pencilled in for – a mass bread-baking session. I began on Friday night by setting a double batch of the overnight rolls away. Thank goodness I did, or we might have had no bread whatsoever to fall back upon. A non-baking member of the family elected to cook Saturday dinner early in order to be “out of my baking way”. He began our curry straight after his shower and before our breakfast, thereby making it impossible for me to get my dough on to rise. By the time he had finished faffing about and then we had breakfasted, I was well short on time and also the heart had gone out of it. I managed to bake my overnight rolls and add to that a kilo of seeded dough which turned into 6 overly large and very worthy-looking bread rolls plus a very sad cob that sagged due to over-proving.

There simply was nothing to photograph.

I’m supplementing the bake with a batch of baguettes, currently shaped and proving. Perhaps I’ll get another bread on tomorrow. I have masses of yeast to use up.

The not-Christmas cake is now iced but I have yet to manufacture a batch of truffles and other choccie-coated goodness. I can’t spin – my room has been taken over as a computer-building space, so I might as well melt chocolate once I have finished my coffee. At least I shall be able to keep an eye on my baguettes while I work.

Roast gammon has been cancelled today in favour of fresh baguettes and cheese. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

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