This takes the biscuit

May I commend to you, should you not already have enjoyed it, the BBC programme: Nigel Slater’s Great British Biscuit

I adore Nigel Slater – he is so gentle and calm and reassuring and he generally treats food with reverance and respect. I’m loving the new dishevelled look too. I do have to disagree with him on the issue of dunking however. What’s the point of spending time and energy in making a biscuit crisp… only to soggify it in a cup of tea? Is crazy, I tell you.

Anyway – it’s a wonderful, bonkers piece of sheer eccentric Britishness and an enjoyable hour’s viewing. It features a bus like the one that I went to school on when I was 10 and I caught a shot of two schoolgirls in what looked exactly like my old school uniform from Tunbridge Wells.

There’s a special segment for Tunnock’s lovers. Me, I retain my allegiance to the Gray Dunn caramel wafer. Not suitable for any form of dunking, of course.

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