It went bang!

We are fasting today instead of tomorrow – that way I do not have to be a party pooper at Spinning Group. I have some smoked haddock fillets and some fresh eggs from our ladies, so it’s smoked haddock and poached eggs on spinach and leek for around 350 cals. Warburton’s Thins offer a handy 100 calorie package, so there will be some toast to mop up the juices. The extra calories will be spent on a little butter or cream to make the spinach a little nicer.

All well and good but I now have to get me to the kitchen and make some contribution to the spinning feast. It’s very difficult to make sausage rolls and not snaffle one or two, hot from the oven. That being so, I think I might just go and prepare the pastry and then rise early tomorrow to cook the sossidge rolls. After all, there’s not much temptation in a lump of raw pastry dough is there?

So, what have we been up to? Well, the annual “Logica” Armchair Treasure Hunt is afoot. We are making surprisingly good progress but it’s all the better for the fact that the puzzle is interesting and keeps taking us down intriguing alleyways. I am learning much.

The hunt is open for around a month, with written solutions due in by mid-January. You can win a prize without going out and finding the actual booty. Great family activity if you get bored with the tellybox: Pablo’s Armchair Treasure Hunt.

It can get a little obsessive – we actually took the 12 page document to the pub with us on Friday evening, in case conversation lagged. The pub visit was fun – it’s under new (local) ownership and I have to say provided the best chips that I have eaten in many long years.

A lightning strike broke our ADSL router. This makes both blogging and Treasure Hunting difficult, of course. I spent a whole day yesterday documenting our Hunt efforts as I could not do anything on line. It’s like having a limb removed! I have however managed to find sufficient connection time in which to choose a sweater pattern and to buy some yarn. It’s alpaca!

It’s the Fitkick thing – I feel that I want/need to reward myself for all the hard work and self-denial, by cosseting with self-indulgent knitting in luxurious fibres. I’m still on the hunt for a cashmere aran weight… and now maybe also a cotton/silk blend… though how I shall find time to do all this knitting, I do not know. Nor do I know what size I should aim for!

I’m thinking free-size cardigan and perhaps a large-ish sweater that can always be frogged and re-knitted in a smaller size if the diet turns out to be a huge success – or do I mean a minimal success… minimising success, perhaps.

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  1. spinninggill
    December 21, 2014

    Mmmm…. Raw pastry! 🙂

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