Best Laid

Today’s Plan was to make sausage rolls for this afternoon’s Spinning Group meeting. In turn this made Yesterday’s Plan the pre-making of the Puff Pastry. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the Fitness Kick currently in operation means that I have stopped buying fats. I had no lard and insufficient butter with which to make a gloriously buttery light and flaky homemade pastry.


I did however have enough butter to make a shortcrust, so Today’s Plan was hurriedly redrawn and I  have made a Maple Pecan Pie as my festive-related offering.

Tomorrow’s Plan is (was) to head into Kirkwall and buy some fresh food to carry us over New Year and our wedding anniversary. The forecast is not good. In fact, Tuesday would appear to be the least good day this week to be sitting on a ferry and then yomping around town with a trolley and rucksack full of smelly cheese and slowly wilting salad leaves.

Mr L has bravely offered to sally forth tomorrow on his own. I feel that I cannot allow that to happen. He has also said that Wednesday looks like being a far better day. There is however no way this side of my forthcoming residence in Hell that I intend to spend any part of a Christmas Eve in a supermarket. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING that I want or need badly enough to do battle with the average British Housewife and her ideal Christmas dinner.

There is nothing wrong with frozen Petits Pois. Not even if I have to eat them every day for a fortnight.

So, now one of my jobs today is to determine just what we actually need that I won’t be able to source on the island, and then judge whether it is worthwhile braving the elements and the high seas in search of rocket leaves and tasty apples.

I used up just about all the eggs in the house – using two each for our Fast Day meal yesterday and several in my Pecan Pie. Luckily the Ladies gave us another yesterday and again today – so there’s a makeshift meal of sausage and egg coming up later… if I have room after Spinnng Goodies.

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