In praise of blue bags

There’s nothing quite like a blue bag in the hands of the postman to start a day off well. Generally a blue bag signals the arrival of yarn or roving, but not today. Today’s blue bag held warp thread from Texere. In a fit of madness the other day I ordered up some warp, with absolutely no idea of what I should be getting. I just ordered a selection of three, with variation in weight, colour and fibre. I have cotton and linen warp, in white and ecru – from fine to somewhat heavy (rugs, anybody?)

I don’t suppose it matters what warp I have – it’s all for the experimentation phase, while I find out just what it is that I fancy weaving in the future. It will all come in useful… for something… if only for tying up the honeysuckle!

The Jumbo Flyer is drying from a second application of Danish Oil. We shall wax it next and then assemble it. After that we might have a go at warping up SpinningGill’s little loom -  and have a first go at weaving something if we can figure out how to go about it. I am not on cooking duty today (Mr L is making a Laksa) and so will have some free time in which to play a little.

Feeling a little sad that today’s blue bag will  be the last for a very long time. Purchasing the loom will clean out the coffers, with little chance of further augmentation. We are looking at a long period of generic fleece adventures, I think. But that’s fine; I have drum carder and wheel and dye and loom and needles now. There is much that might be done. I shall enjoy creating from scratch. Even if I do miss the instant gratification of the little blue bag.