In a spin

Another extremely busy day today, I fail to see how we can be ready for Saturday’s sale at this rate and am now convinced that we shall miss the Show on Friday. I have been trying to do laundry whilst emptying cupboards and running the dishwasher constantly. Having to leave off to take photos and battle with eBay is not conducive to good temper. Currently we have over a dozen listings to deal with and all will need communications, wrapping and taking to the Post Office when we have so many other things in want of doing. Poor Mr L is being given the runaround by some of his buyers. It is not fair and is hugely time-consuming. I have decided that anything that fails to leave the premises this weekend is going to be burned or binned, no matter what our eco principles as, frankly, my nerves won’t stand it.


My e-spinner has been listed. A nice bargain for somebody. I hope that they Buy It Now and help to speed the process up.


I think I may just smash the coffee cup collection and bury it.


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