Going around again

Emptying the wardrobe today in order to dismantle it. Clearly I have retained too many clothes in the earlier clearout as I still have three crates full. No way can I fit that much into the van. I shall need to prune again. This will be the third cull. Some things are difficult to part with.

The Christmas Decorations have exited the premises. That’s good. They may now see the light of day after many years of being boxed tight whilst we do the humbuggery bit. I have dispatched Mr L with the remaining books etc to take to the Recycle Shop but alas, he left without gathering everything together. Another trip will be needed, though will be difficult to fit in on Saturday. I do wish that they would read and respond to messages and come and pick up as they say that they can.

I think that the large wardrobe and the dishwasher are going tomorrow. We still have one wardrobe in need of a home but hopefully that will find a taker on Saturday at our “Everything that is left” sale.

There is an incredible amount to be done today so I had best not hang around here. eBay beckons! ARGH.

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