I was Conned

Daily Prompt: VIP

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

I don’t think my response to this post will differ wildly from most people’s – my VIP is my partner, my friend, my lover… my husband: Mr L.


My life would be very different, had I never met him. If I were to lose him now, I cannot begin to imagine how I would manage without him.

Our first meeting was in the inauspicious surroundings of the Duck & Drake pub, in the company of several posters to the uk.local.yorkshire Usenet newsgroup. It was an afternoon and evening of Old Peculier-fuelled revelry.  All the same, I knew when we said goodnight, that I never wanted to be apart from this man for so long as I live. It felt physical, like tearing off an Elastoplast, when we went in different directions that night.

It was some years later that he admitted to having arranged that newsgroup “Con” especially in order to meet me. The crafty old devil conned me, quite literally!

When we first met, I was badly broken; being with Mr L has healed me. He is the only person in my life to have loved me unconditionally. He asks nothing of me but hopes that I will love him in the same way. That’s easy. He respects me and admires my talents and that I find, is very endearing in a partner. He indulges me too – buys me cameras and spinning wheels, even though we cannot afford them, and shows in every way that  he gets me, absolutely.

I look up to him
I look up to him

He is smart and funny and very able. I look up to him.

He cooks me a curry every Saturday, even though he prefers my cooking to his own, so that I can have a break from the kitchen.

Mr L is a geek of the finest ilk. He works at the end of a wire, from his home office, and I quit work when we ran away to live the Good Life. This means that we are together 24/7. That in itself answers the question “how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?” – in every possible way, my life would be 100% different!

Island Living
Island Living

For one thing, I would be in the workplace in Leeds, earning enough to keep myself. I would never have run away to Scotland; would not be living on a small island, with dogs and cats and chickens all around me. I would not have learned to spin, or ever been Geo-caching. There would be a lot of hills that I had never climbed either.

On top of Cairn Daimh
On top of Cairn Daimh

Most probably I would be still broken and lonely. Possibly I would be in an inappropriate relationship with a hunky, commitment-phobic former fire-fighter… but that’s a whole other story and I don’t intend to address it now.

Most importantly, by the measure of all the things that really matter to me, none of these photographs would have been taken; I would have been lacking both the camera and the subject. I’d have a lot of empty space in my bed, not to mention my life. I doubt that I would be anywhere near as happy as I am right now.

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    Yeah….. Go Lofty!

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      Go, Lofty, indeed
      Hello, Alex. I had no idea you were lurking there

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