I see the sun, the sun does not sees me

The sun is shining. I have fixed my pocket camera, which seems far more in keeping with the phoneography challenge,  and charged its battery and I am itching to go get some UV and grab some shots.

Alas, there is work to be done and I can’t go out to play.

Maybe on Monday, when my very own VIP (more on that subject later) is venturing forth to town for a hospital appointment. He has elected to go alone, and to do the Big Shopping on his own, while I stay home to mind our poor old Griff. (Aged and incontinent Border Collie)

Whereas I can shop out of my head, he needs a list and so now I need to spend my afternoon with my head in various cupboards and freezers, making up a  definitive shopping list. It does not compare, I tell you. No comparison at all.

I hope the sun comes out again on Monday.


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