Home again

Home again – and most weary.

I managed to mail off both my recent commission knit and a P-hop package (much delayed) to paintermom .

While killing time, I thought I’d investigate the LYS again in the hope that stock had improved since I first arrived in Orkney. It was a depressing excursion and I think I’ll most likely not try again.

On the interesting side of today’s equation: I saw Liz Lovick, I think. I am always being asked, once people find out that I live in Orkney, if I know Liz Lovick. Well, I know her as other online knitters do, but we have yet to meet. I think it was her, beneath an amazing hat – and I wanted to go up to her and shake her hand, but she looked busy and I opted not to trouble her.

I’m beat and I am going for a hot soak and an early bed. Back tomorrow with a Wayfarer FO. See you then.