I had not one, but two toddys last night. This morning I stayed cuddled up in bed until 11am,and found that when I got out of my pit I didn’t feel half so bad as I had expected to, given yesterday’s rapid rate of decay. I don’t feel great by any means but at least I don’t sense any bronchial complication heading my way. My chest does feel uncomfortable and I shall certainly go in search of my steroid inhaler before bedtime – but I think we may have sweated this beast out and nipped it well in the bud.

I have felt very tired and leaden-limbed today and not up to much at all but I have knitted on the So-called Scarf and it is now at least 50% done – as I just finished the second ball. Alas, I feel not in the least like getting the swift out and balling any more yarn. Very pleased with the way that this project is coming together, though. Rather proud, in fact.

Surprisingly, given the huge number of UFOs lying about the house, there is nothing whatsoever that I feel like picking up to work on for now. I feel as though a new cast on might satisfy me, but also feel that I must resist that temptation. I really need to turn some UFOs into FOs, and quickly! I guess that means that I should pick up the Desk Mitts now – but they are soooo boring and I need some comfort right now. On the other hand, they are tying up my 2.5mm circs and I can’t start the Earl Greys until the needles are free… but I know, unlike you dear reader, that I have set of those square circulars winging their way to me. I could just wait for those to come in order to start the socks – and maybe feast on a little pink cashmere lace in the meantime…

All in all, everything feels like just that little bit too much effort!