It’s Ingrid

So, it turns out that Ingrid, my Butternut Scarf was asking to be picked up. This has been sitting on my desk for what feels like an age, but according to my ticky sheet I began the scarf just 24 days ago. I left it on row 13 of the second repeat (to concentrate on Christmas Fair items) and have this evening completed the second chart repeat. According to my ticky sheet, that’s 13.3% done – or 48 rows of 360, which sounds like far less somehow!

I shall do a little more but must beware, as fuzzy heads and hot toddys do not do a great deal for the knitting of lace…

This will be a stunning scarf. The yarn is fantastic (Colourmart’s 2/28NM lace wt 70:20:10 merino:silk:cashmere in an indescribably gorgeous shade of deep pink) and seems to suit the pattern really well.

My throat is kinking again so I am about to make another drink. I think that I had better put another lifeline in before it’s too late.