This post comes to you courtesy of my brand-new Dragon. We are up to version 10 and not only is recognition much improved but Dragon no longer clashes with Live Writer and now dictates direct into the Live Writer window – so there are no longer any excuses for sitting here blathering on about nothing in particular the whole day long and completely knackering my arm.

Despite many years of attempting to use Dragon successfully (my Dragon and I go back to version 2) I have to confess that I’m still very slow at dictating and I find the correction process quite painful in its extreme tedium. All the same I plan to persist this time because recognition levels really have improved a lot and for the first time I truly believe there is a chance that my Dragon I will get used to each other. Eventually.

Posts may be thin on the ground for the time being and they may be short or errorprone, I may even get cramp from sitting on my hands… but, who knows, with a little dedication and perseverance on my part – real results may show up much sooner than I expect.


That’s it then, me and my Dragon signing off!