Going up

Did I mention that I have a Jumbo flyer coming? No? Well I have. And I am therefore mighty pleased to relate the fact that I made enough loot on Sunday to more or less cover the cost (I think.) Looking forward to making some chunkier yarns!

Spinning group today was small, but nonetheless perfectly formed. Our new member was able to integrate without the trauma of meeting too many new people at once. We had Date and Walnut cake and nutty meringues. Both were very gooey and delicious. There was lots to go at, with only four of us present today. So, lots of leftovers for Mr l.

I have been spinning my dyed Shetland X fleece and managed to almost fill a bobbin. Feeling quite pleased with my progress. I think I plan to knit this stuff up into bags for felting. Perhaps set them aside until next year’s Christmas Fair.

As for the knitting – a crossword session in bed with Mr L, and Radcliffe and Maconie last night saw considerable growth on the So-called Scarf. I started a second ball of yarn. I’m calling the scarf 25% done because I have four balls to go at, but I am getting good length and there may be a hat in it if I stop the scarf before knitting all the yarn up. Maybe another Lake Park Hat? We got the crossword completed too 🙂

I seem to be coming down with a bug. My throat is rasping and my joints ache. I seem to be getting a bit hot and steamy too. It’s coming on very fast – I was fine this morning – and I have serious doubts about the wisdom of taking my germs to a meeting that I am scheduled to attend this afternoon.

I could just stay home with the cake…

…and the meringues.

You know… “feed a cold…”