A question

If a dog ate exactly half of a fudge-topped date and walnut cake – would it be very sick indeed?

I don’t know the answer for certain yet but I am pretty sure that it will be a resounding “yes”. I’ll let you know for sure later.

My problem now is in deciding which dog to watch like a hawk. Suzie doesn’t appear to be looking shifty. Griff wouldn’t – it’s inconceivable. Nell would, most certainly – but I can’t figure out how or when she had the opportunity.

Anyway, all dreams of feeding my cold on empty but delicious calories are gone. Completely. And somebody needs to wash that very sticky kitchen floor.

Don’t look at me, I am a sick woman. Hear me cough.

Supplementary, for extra credit:

If a dog ate exactly half of a fudge-topped date and walnut cake – what would the laxative effect of dates and nuts be, exactly..?

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  1. SpinningGill
    November 26, 2008

    I take it that it was the half that you didn’t serve to the spinners 🙂

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