Going down?

Well, my stash busting efforts are bearing slow fruition. Three quarters of the Hipknits silk aran are now gone. Yes, ta-da – the Vibrotis is completed! No FO pics yet, as I want to finish unravelling all the dropped stitches and be able to show it off in all its glory.

Vibrotis-almost-done Vibrotis-almost-done2

I love it. I will wear it a lot. And I am so pleased to have it done in time for the Solstice, as my main aim in knitting this was to have something with which to light up the darkest days of Winter.

The weather is due to change by tomorrow but I’ll do FO’s if there is enough light. Tonight I will have to spend an age on those ladders. Needless to say, I  haven’t dyed my Cheviot yet and begin to doubt that I shall do it today at all.

Another on the plus side of today’s ledger: the tatting shuttles have arrived already. Maybe I will have a go over the holiday, in preparation for the craft club meeting.