Froth progress: 5th Nov, 2009 – feeling edgy

Progress report on Lace Fichu shawl: A Little Bit of Froth.

  • Pattern: Lace Fichu
  • Source: by Cindy Guggemos
  • Ravelry Project: A Little Bit of Froth
  • Yarn: Colourmart Merino/Silk/Cashmere 2/28 NM Laceweight
  • Colour: cream-ish
  • Needles: straight 14″ bamboo needles, 3.5 mm
  • % complete: ?
  • Cast on: 3rd November, 2009
  • Estimated completion: perhaps tomorrow
The edging is underway and the finished shape starting to show
The edging is underway and the finished shape starting to show

This little fichu is a very quick knit. I am already onto the final edging, with about a dozen points completed. There are 345 stitches and each point consumes 6 stitches so there must be 58 to do in all, so I have over ¾ of the edge remaining. I’d like to finish it today but I have a lot of work to attend to and it doesn’t seem likely. Maybe tomorrow – then I can block it over the weekend and will then have some expertise to share with SpinningGill when she comes to do hers.

I did the whole of the body on straight needles. I’ve left the body on the straight but brought a DPN into play for the edge. I think it might go quicker if I transferred the main stitches to a circ, but it scarcely seems worth bothering at this stage – even though it is making my hands hurt considerably.

This wee thing is really fun to knit.