O, frabjous day!

Yes. I have completed my homework. I have partaken of both caffeine and chocolate. And now I am going to get out my sock kit… and soothe my shattered nerves.

(I know I have gone wrong with my piecing because the seams have fallen all wrong and I have too many thicknesses in one place. Two places, actually – but who is counting? Will teacher make me unpick it all and begin again? Oh, the unhappy memories…)

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A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

I am lagging on the Month in the Country prompts, and lagging badly at that. I have a list of prompts t be caught up on and I shall be working my way through them here, or at Scattered Thoughts depending on where the post most naturally sits. I have elected to tackle the prompts not in date order necessarily but to seize upon prompts that offer me space in which to write down the things that I am feeling the need to say. Even if I need to crowbar it in. The thing is, I am going to continue to be short of time and space in which to write and so a two-for-one is useful and I hope to do as many of those as I can. Seems like a plan? … Continue readingA Month in France: Nothing is Lost

Oh, deer

Oh, deer

Nell and I had a lovely walk this morning. The weather has cooled considerably and there was a very pleasant breeze. We both made better time than of late. … Continue readingOh, deer

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  1. SpinningGill
    October 13, 2008

    You rotten swine! I’ll have to finish mine now!

  2. SpinningGill
    October 13, 2008

    Whilst the dinner’s cooking I think. I’ll get the horses in first. You haven’t *Ironed* it, have you?

  3. October 13, 2008

    Well, I.. er.. um… *pressed* it

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