That great big FO post that I sort of promised? Won’t be happening. We’ve been without power from 8pm last night until lunchtime today and I’ve not been able to get anything done.

Our weather station recorded record wind speeds for our location last night – we got a gust of 90mph, breaking our 2008 record by 1mph. After that the data gets very dodgy, as there was no computing power available and data points are too widely spread in the weather station logger. All the same – it dooo look interesting!

Wind trend graph for the last 24 hrs - click for bigness

I am very pleased that the Hydro restored our power so quickly — we seem to have inadvertently run out of gas canisters for the picnic stove, and the backup Calor camping stove has vanished into thin air. Gas ran out just as the kettle came to the boil at breakfast time, so we did get a hot drink – though showers were not available. I feel grubby and chilly. Dare not open the freezers yet, so I’m about to reheat some soup that I made earlier this week. It will have to do for now.

Frankly, I am amazed that the hen hoose remained unscathed! We must write a testimonial for Mr Greenfrog.


We are still running a Force 8 Gale by the way – it only seems quiet by comparison with last night!

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