Saturday Morning Confusion

The wind has died down at last. The rain has ceased. The snow has stopped. The sun even peeped out for a while this morning but, oh boy, is it ever cold!

I sent Mr L to the shop this morning, as I had an idea I might have some customers visiting and wanted not to be out if they did. He returned, with tales of sunken fishing boats and smashed windows, an d alack of fresh food in his basket (no ferries, means low stocks). We were lucky in this wind and had no damage at all – even the repairs done in the last high winds held. We did make a new gust record, though – 90mph. This may not sound like much, due to the media’s consistently inappropriate reporting of wind speeds – but is was a big wind, and it is a more reasonable figure to use than those read from the tops of wind turbines, themselves sited on the tops of hills… You will find no artificially inflated wind speeds reported here for the sake of effect. However, I am sure that Sanday had higher speeds than we recorded, as we have some protection from the North. We do not have an accurate mean figure, due to the power going off – so it may have been a record for us, or not, we shall simply never know.

Anyway, to return to the subject at hand – Mr L returned from the shop, closely followed by J&D. I was in the workroom, winding yarn, and unprepared – so dogs were shut in the office. I was looking for batts for J, when my second J of the morning arrived… and all was chaos then. I had nowhere to put anybody and every body was jumbled up in the hall.

Eventually every requirementq1 was suited, parcels wrapped, tea consumed, and I found myself £60 better off than I was when I got up today.

J#2 needs his hat re-knitting. I have a bespoke hat on the needles to finish this afternoon, then I’ll re-knit for J#2. After that, I need to do some bedsocks asap. Then I am going to do some comfort knitting. Something for sheer pleasure. Perhaps something for me.

That’ll be nice.

And soothing.

I’m not used to so much going on of a Saturday morning!

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